ECAT Validation Report Makes Impact in Swedish Media

Today the highly anticipated 3rd party report arrived. In the wake of the report Swedish news sources covered the story:

NyTeknik – Scientists from Uppsala performed tests on Rossi’s E-cat. 

Read the article here.  [in Swedish]

About NyTeknik: For over 40 years, Ny Teknik has been reviewing and reporting on the latest developments in the technology industry. It studies technological innovations and follows the trends in this interesting marketplace. In Ny Teknik you will find the latest news and read about products, trends and innovations. You can read about start-ups that might be the new Ericsson or Microsoft of tomorrow. We are at the cutting edge of covering expansive businesses and markets like IT, telecoms, energy and biotechnology and how new technologies are used in the industry.

Redeye – LENR verified by Uppsala University

Read the article here [in Swedish]

Redeye is a leading investment bank focusing on Nordic growth companies  Redeye offers corporate broking services and strategic financial advisory services to the mid and small cap segments in the Nordics.  We focus on public as well as private growth companies primarily in the technology, media, industrial, mining and life science sectors.  Our team has extensive equity research experience and transaction experience from a large number of trans actions.  With a genuine interest, deep sector knowledge and extensive experience, Redeye is the partner of choice for growth companies.


The report at the original source 

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