E-Cat: Third Quarter Developments 2015

The third quarter of 2015 brought huge victories for Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corp., and Industrial Heat. A new model of the E-Cat was also revealed, an increased valuation o the stock market, and further media attention propelled LENR further into the public eye.

Built-in Redundancy

In the first week of August, 2015, Rossi officially announced that the 1MW plant had built-in redundancy. The original E-Cat system is combined with the four 250 KW reactors he had perfected earlier in the year. This increases the safety margins significantly, and will figure greatly in the successful long-term test that is scheduled to end sometime in the first quarter of 2016. The large E-Cats, which Rossi calls Tigers, are the main source of power, and the smaller versions are for backup. Rossi gives a great deal of detail about the plant, stating that it is designed to continue running even if one of the main units is offline for maintenance, without having to resort to using the backup power. This provides, in effect, a double back-up for the production of power.

Rossi also said that the industrial version of the E-Cat will now be made up of the 250 kW units. The current test is scheduled to last for 350 days, ending in the first quarter of next year.

Investors’ Portfolios

August also brought news of significant strides forward in stock valuation for Industrial Heat. As announced in AIC,  Woodford Patient Capital includes Industrial Heat in its portfolio, along with such major players as Rolls-Royce, GlaxoSmithKline, and AstraZeneca. In fact, the valuation of Industrial Heat is placed at $500 million, and that is with no U.S. patent.

E-Cat X and a Patent

Besides the exciting news about IH and its valuation on the stock market, followers of LENR also received good news from Rossi himself. While he does not go into detail, he does affirm that electricity in individual homes could be a possibility in his own lifetime, as a result of the E-Cat X.

In addition, the 365 day test of the 1 MW plant reached the half-way point. Rossi reported to Frank Acland on E-Cat World that the tests are running smoothly, with some corrections here and there. However, the fact that corrections are made without shutting down the entire mechanism is a significant development.

A mere 10 days later, Rossi received his U.S. patent for the Fluid Heater. The significance of this is in the fact that Rossi had to reveal his secret fuel composition, which leaves his intellectual property (IP) open to theft from unscrupulous individuals. This has been the difficulty all along with obtaining patents, because so much IP must be disclosed that it can ruin the secrecy needed to keep the science proprietary. In this patent, Rossi confirms that Ni is, indeed, the catalyst and Li is the fuel. This 3 year battle will, hopefully, allow Industrial Heat and Leonardo Corp. to move forward in certifying and marketing the E-Cat.

Publications and More Patent Information

The end of August and September saw an awakening of the media in regards to LENR. CityWire published the list of investments in Woodford Patient Capital’s portfolio, and confirmed that Industrial Heat is in good company.

Toward the end of September, Louis DeChiaro, Ph.D., published a paper for NAVSEA. The article entitled “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Phenomena and Potential Applications” and provides thoroughly documented research. This paper helps to confirm that LENR is, indeed, to be taken seriously, and points out that “NASA plans to use LENR thrusters in deep-space probes.”

Not a week later, Fortune Magazine in the U.S. did an in-depth interview with Tom Darden, the CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners. Their main focus was the reasoning behind his investment in the previously unproven technology of LENR. Darden provided a very compelling explanation of his commitment to clean energy and of the great advances in cold fusion at the hands of Andrea Rossi.

Finally, the third quarter of 2015 brought a great victory for Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corp., and Industrial Heat. The long-contested European patent for LENR technology obtained by Francisco Piantelli was revoked. It was deemed as a copy of previous work done by Andrea Rossi.


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