E-Cat:  Second Quarter Developments Of 2015

The second quarter of 2015 saw more exciting and intriguing developments in E-Cat technology. LENR technology gained more media attention, and Andrea Rossi and his invention garnered more notice from other scientists. Reports on continuous running of E-Cats have excited the followers of E-Cat technology, and is gaining

Publication and Media

In April, Andrea Rossi and his collaborator, physicist Norman Cook, published a theoretical paper on ArXiv. “On the Nuclear Mechanisms Underlying the Heat Production by the E-Cat” explained the operation of the E-Cat. This is an eleven page theoretical paper that, among other things, outlines the use of lattice IPM to explain LENR.

Furthermore, and the ICCF19, Tom Darden spoke about his investment in LENR. This was quite a move, considering that Industrial Heat, LLC kept its involvement in Rossi’s work secret for quite some time. In his speech, Darden reinforces the point that his goal is to provide abundant energy to the general public, as well as eliminate pollution. Darden is also the CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners.

On April 17, Rossi met online with Dr. Parkhomov, discussing replications. Rossi said that he believes Parkhomov is a hard worker, just as Rossi himself is. Rossi also said that he was impressed with Parkhomov, who is professional, intellectual, and humble. Rossi intends to visit him in Russia when the 1MW E-Cat concludes testing.

Besides ArXiv, the lecture at ICCF19, and discussions on replications, further media attention from Upstart Business Journal spotlighted Tom Darden’s involvement in funding this work. In this article, Darden’s comments at ICCF19 were highlighted, as was some of the motivations behind the involvement in Cherokee Investment Partners and Industrial Heat.

Smaller is Better

In May of 2015, Rossi and his team reported great advances in reducing the size of the E-Cat and Hot-Cat. E-Cats could be run by other E-Cats, and so the reduced size is entirely possible. E-Cat World speculated on the possibility of the Hot Cat is also being downsized. Furthermore, Rossi says he has been in contact with Elon Musk, a relationship dating back to 2012, and on the 24th, Rossi published new photos of the 1MW plant. This new E-Cat now consists of 4 reactors of 250 KW size, rather than 100 reactors of 10KW size.

More Media Affirmation

Aftenposten is one of the biggest newspapers in Norway, and they featured Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. In this article, published in June, the newspaper mentions the cheap energy that may be possible with the E-Cat, headlining the possibility of cars that can run for years without the need for more fuel.  The author quotes Mats Lewan and the book “An Impossible Invention.”

The author points out in this article that the U.S. agencies of NASA and DARPA are both studying LENR technology, giving it more credibility. This article also briefly covered the history of cold fusion/LENR, ending with a follow up story noting that an independent source has confirmed the success of LENR, and the subject needs more study.

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