ECAT Technology

  • ECAT Energy Density > 100 000 x oil
  • ECAT Power Density > 100 kW/kg
  • ECAT Fuel Reserves > 10 billion years
  • Zero emissions, Zero pollution, Zero noise.
  • ECAT Fuel Cost less than 1/1000 of Oil Fuel Cost


The ECAT technology is a patented technology based on the Rossi Effect which is a certain kind of LENR process involving the reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen where Nickel is used as a catalyst. LENR, or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, is the collective name for all processes undergoing nuclear reactions at non-plasma temperatures.

The ECAT technology has the potential to revolutionize energy production as we know it.

The main reason for this, implying a paradigm shift in energy production, is the High Energy Density in the ECAT fuel. High Energy Density in ECAT fuel implies that fuel costs from ECAT technology will become negligible in comparison with conventional energy sources and on top of that the Ranges and Operation Times of Energy Applications have the potential to surpass the lifetime of the installed Energy Application itself.

ProductConventional RangeConventional Operation TimesLENR RangeLENR Operation Times
Car, Trucks500-1000 km5-10 hrs100 million km100 years
Ships50 000 km1-2 months5 billion km10 000 years
Trains (diesel)5 000 km1-2 days500 million km300 years
Aircrafts10 000 km10 hrs1 billion km100 years
Laptop, Tablet10 hrs100 years
Cellphone24 hrs250 years

Table 1. Ranges and Operation Times for various powered products. (With conventional range and operation times is meant on a single fuel load or charge etc. The LENR range and operation times are calculated at the lower number of energy density 100 000 times that of conventional sources. Note that the potential LENR ranges and operation times exceeds the lifetime of all listed products.)
See LENR Technology for details.


On top of the favorable Fuel Facts the ECAT features:

  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs (the modular design admits minimal maintenance)
  • Minimal Fuel Transport Cost (less than 1 refueling per year and continuous run)
  • Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Zero Noise (only noise from auxiliary products <50dB)

The process that makes this possible, The Rossi Effect, is a kind of Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). The Rossi Effect is an exothermal nuclear process that releases energy at around 17MeV per atomic reaction compared to the burning of Hydrogen which only releases 1.5eV per atomic reaction (Burning H2 in O2). Per atom, the exothermal process has an energy content of more than a million times the energy content of the most energetic (per weight) chemical process. The higher weight of Nickel as a catalyst and the fact one usually disregard Oxygen’s weight due to its presence in air makes the approximate net factor around a couple of 100 000 when compared to oil.

The abundance of Nickel and Lithium in the earth’s crust and their low prices make the ECAT one of the cheapest energy producers around. The ECAT does not pollute or release any carbon dioxide. Put together, there is no doubt that this is a good, safe and sustainable energy source for the foreseen future.

To summarize – ECAT technology is based on LENR which is far superior in comparison to all existing energy sources:

  1. Superior Energy Density: LENR has an energy density that is a factor 100,000-10,000,000 times greater than today’s combustion processes (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas) and reportedly higher than today’s commercial fission.
  2. Green and Safe: LENR is 100% green and carbon free. LENR is a nuclear reaction, however it does not require uranium/plutonium, has no nuclear byproducts, and has no harmful effects or safety issues like fission energy.
  3. Limitless: The current fuel for LENR, nickel + hydrogen, is nearly limitless, the most abundant metal and the most abundant gas on earth. No combustion process takes place, instead the hydrogen is merged with nickel, which is transmuted to form copper + energy. LENR also appears possible using metals other than Nickel such as Palladium for instance.
  4. Cheap, Small and Scalable: The forthcoming LENR devices are all very cost efficient. They are small, easy to manufacture/operate, highly efficient and reliable, with no moving parts and requiring only the replacement of a LENR fuel cartridge every 6 months or so.

For more information about the science behind the process read ECAT Science.

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