ECAT Reports

2017, Arxiv

Nucleon polarizability and long-range strong force Authors: Carl-Oscar Gullström, Andrea Rossi Read

2015, Arxiv

Underlying Mechanisms of E-Cat Heat Production Authors: Norman D. Cook, Andrea Rossi Read

2014, UNIBO

Bologna University. Lugano Report 2014, Observation of abundant heat production Authors: Giuseppe Levi, Evelyn Foschi, Bo, Hoistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars, Tegnér, Hanno Essén Read

2013, Arxiv

Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device Authors: Giuseppe Levi, Evelyn Foschi, Torbjörn Hartman, Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars Tegnér, Hanno Essén Read

2012, Penon

High-Temperature Energy Catalyzer Test 2012 Authors: Penon Read

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