ECAT Home Units

Home ECAT-units will not be available until fully certified.

This is due to rigid testing, certification and regulation procedures. The 3D-rendering below is a hypothetical image of how the 10kW home unit could look like for domestic use.

If you are interested in knowing more about this green, clean and safe energy device for your home, please use our contact form on the right to sign up for the pre-order waiting list.

The sign-up list is non-binding which means that you will be prioritized for delivery once the product is rolled out – but you are in no way committed to buying the product. An email with full specification, terms of delivery and maintenance together with the exact price will be sent out to all people on the list once the product has reached the necessary mature stage. You can then choose to decline or accept to place the real order. Placed orders are serviced in accordance with your number on the waiting list for the chosen country. Disclaimer: not all countries will be available for delivery in the first product launch. Each country has its own rules and regulations and no guarantees for delivery to all countries can be given at this time.

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Note! For all requests regarding orders of ECAT 1MW or ECAT Home Unit, please visit and fill in the form on the sidebar.