Hydro Fusion

in LENR since 2011
ECAT Energy Density > 100 000 x oil
ECAT Power Density > 100 kW/kg
ECAT Fuel Reserves > 10 billion years
ECAT Fuel Cost < 1/1000 x Oil

Zero emissions, Zero pollution, Zero noise.

A revolution in energy production is underway due to a recent scientific breakthrough by Andrea Rossi. For the first time, Hydrogen has been merged with Nickel in a cold fusion reaction in significant amounts of excess energy in a controlled and continuous fashion. Moreover, this reaction is completely green leaving no waste or any toxic by-products.

Andrea Rossi has proven what the scientific community has been trying to establish for decades: namely that the cold fusion phenomenon is real and can be harnessed to generate seemingly endless amounts of energy for an infinite number of consumers and applications. In fact, it may be the solution to the world’s energy problem.

We are facing an era with the arrival of new products based on this game-changing technology. In association with Leonardo Corporation, Hydro Fusion Ltd will introduce these products to the market.

ECAT Home Units

The 3D-rendering below is a hypothetical image of how the 10kW home unit could look like for domestic use.

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ECAT Heat Energy

Energy is delivered by steam at 100-120 Celsius and extracted through the customer's local heat exchangers.

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ECAT High Temp

The Rossi Effect giving power to the ECAT HT has been validated by 3rd Party: ECAT HT Validated by Top Physicists

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Investor Relations

Hydro Fusion play an important role in the commercialization of all ECAT Products. Are you Interested in receiving further information regarding current investment opportunities in Hydro Fusion?

ECAT technology is based on LENR which is far superior in comparison to all existing energy sources:

  1. Superior Energy Density: LENR has an energy density that is a factor 100,000-10,000,000 times greater than today’s combustion processes (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas) and reportedly higher than today’s commercial fission.
  2. Green and Safe: LENR is 100% green and carbon-free. LENR is a nuclear
    reaction, however, it does not require uranium/plutonium, has no nuclear byproducts, and has no harmful effects or safety issues like fission energy.
  3. Limitless: The current fuel for LENR, nickel + hydrogen, is nearly limitless, the most abundant metal and the most abundant gas on earth. No combustion process takes place, instead, the hydrogen is merged with nickel, which is transmuted to form copper + energy. LENR also appears possible using metals other than Nickel such as Palladium for instance.
  4. Cheap, Small and Scalable: The forthcoming LENR devices are all very cost efficient. They are small, easy to manufacture/operate, highly efficient and reliable, with no moving parts and requiring only the replacement of a LENR fuel cartridge every 6 months or so.