ECAT featured on Swedish Television (SVT)

On the 17th of December the Swedish Television featured the ECAT on the show  Vetenskapens Värld (World of Science). Hydro Fusions CEO Magnus Holm was one of the people interviewed in the documentary. Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden. SVT is together with [...]

Press release

Hydro Fusion witnessed a new independent test of the high temperature ECAT prototype reactor on September 6th in Bologna. Although no full report has yet been received, early indications are that the results of the July 16th/August 7th reports could not be reproduced. Hydro Fusion cannot at this stage support any claims made, written or [...]

Hydro Fusion in NyTeknik

Today Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik published an interview with Hydro Fusion's CEO Magnus Holm. Over the past few days there have been much speculation who operates the domain and today NyTeknik could break the story. Read the full interview here or the highlights under press. appointed Andrea Rossi’s Official ECAT Website

As of today November 24th, 2011, has been appointed by Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation as the Official ECAT Website.                     Hydro Fusion´s CEO Magnus Holm about the website attaining official status:  “We realize that this great honor comes with great responsibility and we will make [...]

Bloomberg TV to feature the E-Cat on national TV

Today Bloomberg TV aired a clip from Hydro Fusions video interview in Bologna last month. The TV-show is called EnergyNow! which each week feature a new exciting invention within energy and asked for our approval to use footage of last months events. Something we were very pleased to do. Here is the result: