E-Cat: Fourth Quarter Developments Of 2015

The final quarter of 2015 was exciting in the field of LENR. More scientists confirmed their own work in LENR, and more publications did stories on Andrea Rossi and other scientists working with what was formerly called cold fusion. In addition, a new plant was opened for Rossi’s E-Cat, and Rossi himself was interviewed by [...]

New CAD model released of ECAT 1MW Plant in operation

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E-Cat: Third Quarter Developments 2015

The third quarter of 2015 brought huge victories for Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corp., and Industrial Heat. A new model of the E-Cat was also revealed, an increased valuation o the stock market, and further media attention propelled LENR further into the public eye. Built-in Redundancy In the first week of August, 2015, Rossi officially announced [...]

E-Cat:  Second Quarter Developments Of 2015

The second quarter of 2015 saw more exciting and intriguing developments in E-Cat technology. LENR technology gained more media attention, and Andrea Rossi and his invention garnered more notice from other scientists. Reports on continuous running of E-Cats have excited the followers of E-Cat technology, and is gaining Publication and Media In April, Andrea Rossi [...]

Andrea Rossi And The E-Cat – First Quarter 2015

Pre-Orders and Mass Production Last year started off with the impressive news that over 200,000 home models of the E-Cat were on pre-order. Keep in mind that Rossi does not accept pre-payment for his devices. On January 20, he corresponded with Frank Acland at E-Cat World , telling him that he did not anticipate any [...]