ECAT Patents

ECAT Patent

The patent covers the ECAT as a Fluid Heater based on the Rossi Effect in all its details. Since the Rossi Effect is the main source of energy of the ECAT, this means that the ECAT Core Technology is protected by this patent. The Rossi Effect is based on the exothermal reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen which is catalyzed by Nickel or any other Group 10 elements in the Periodic Table, including Palladium and Platinum. The Rossi Effect is a new type of high energy density LENR based exothermal process discovered by Andrea Rossi. The Patent


Italian Patent

Patent number 0001387256 issued by Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi on April 6, 2011 . Priority date : April 9,2008

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Patents Pending

Leonardo Corporation and its CEO & Founder Andrea Rossi have filed the applications to extend the US Patent in all the world in accordance with the received PCT from WIPO october 2015, (ref). Besides other 60 patent applications related to all the improvements of the technology are pending.

Production of energy with nickel and hydrogen n. wo-2009/125444A1 . Europe