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Elforsk to launch LENR research group in Sweden

Elforsk who co-funded the recent ECAT test report announced further research in LENR this week. Hydro Fusion stands positive to Elforsk's initiative to further research the LENR field. Measurements on LENR reactor reported – energy release and isotopes “Yesterday, astounding results from month-long measurements on a so-called “energy catalyser” were reported. The report, written by researchers [...]

ECAT Test Report 2014 now released

In an unexpected turn of events the highly anticipated test report has recently started to circulate online. Although still pending publication, Hydro Fusion Ltd and ECAT.com can confirm that this is indeed the submitted ECAT Test Report: Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel Giuseppe Levi [...]

Wanted: Pilot Customer for ECAT 1 MW plant

Hydro Fusion is looking for a Pilot Customer for the first ECAT 1 MW Plant to operate in Sweden. The customer will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs. In return the Pilot Customer [...]

ECAT Validation Report Makes Impact in Swedish Media

Today the highly anticipated 3rd party report arrived. In the wake of the report Swedish news sources covered the story: NyTeknik - Scientists from Uppsala performed tests on Rossi's E-cat.  Read the article here.  [in Swedish] About NyTeknik: For over 40 years, Ny Teknik has been reviewing and reporting on the latest developments in the technology [...]

ECAT Validated by Swedish Scientists

ECAT  Validated by Swedish Scientists A number of physicists from Bologna University, Italy, Uppsala University, Sweden and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden has verified the exothermal process of the ECAT (The Rossi Effect). The goal was to perform an independent test in a controlled environment and to use high precision measurement equipment. Conclusion: “The results obtained [...]